Video gallery

This is a work in progress. I'll be adding new videos as I make them. Hope you enjoy watching.

Water takes it's toll....

This is a soffit and fascia repair from a roof leak. As with all my videos, they ain't 'Hollywood productions'...the camera's awful shaky on this one, but it's a pretty informative video.

Problem railing...

This is a custom railing that needed a little help.

When good animals go bad...

This was a project I did in Memphis. A racoon or two had their way with the roof. One of the big differences between Tennessee and Florida is that the state of Tennessee does not require the metal flashing that runs along the edge of the shingles, called 'drip edge'. I only saw 2 houses in Memphis that had it. Every house in Tallahassee has it.

This was some pretty extreme damage, and it turned out well in the end.

A frozen water line in the attic...

And the resulting mess with the ceiling. Another job I completed in Memphis, I tore out and replace the water-logged sheetrock, Mudded, sanded and primed/painted.

Why won't this danged dryer dry?!

A plugged up dryer vent wastes energy, is a big fire hazard, and will make you want to throw your dryer out on the street.

This was a job in Memphis that was a big relief for the homeowners.