The Handyman in Tallahassee

Tallahassee, Florida is a southern college town, typical of many.

However, for a Tallahassee handyman, there is a tremendous potential for work. With 3 main schools, there are a lot of college kids, and a lot of rental properties which cater to them. These properties alone can keep a professional handyman busy year-round. College students can be very rough on the houses, homes and rooms that they rent, and Tallahassee has many local handyman services to handle the property maintenance tasks they cause.

For the construction/remodeling tradesman in his 20's, who is still learning the many and varied home maintenance repairs needed for the typical house or multi-family dwelling, this type of Tallahassee handyman service is great. The level of work required is 'quick and dirty'. It is no where near perfect. Repairs for college rentals are likely to be needed again in another 6-12 months, no matter how well done the first time. As such the rates charged must be within the maintenance budget of the owner, who must factor in the costs for these ongoing house repairs.

Another area of work for the Tallahassee, Fl handy man to consider is taking care of the repairs on a real estate punch list. These are the items which come up when a home inspection is done in preparation for selling a house, that need to be fixed.

The home seller, or possibly their agent, must hire a home repair service to address all the items on the 'punch list'. Or as an alternative they negotiate with the buyer to lower the selling price, and leave the items as is. The potential for home handyman covers a broad range. He may focus on handling inspection punch lists, or may tackle larger home improvement projects, to bring a house up to a modern standard, so it can sell. This may involve remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom. Though improving in the last 3 years, the  housing market has been 'soft', and therefore it is a buyer's market, who can pick and choose the best homes available. As such these larger remodeling projects are more of a necessity to the seller.

These larger projects are perfect for the handyman contractors who are licensed to handle the legal aspects of permitting, and who has employees or subcontractors available to do the work. However such projects would be beyond the means of the smaller home handyman services.

The home repairs needed to expedite a real estate transaction is a level up from the quality required for rental property maintenance. The Buyer, and the Seller, are expecting solid work that looks good and will last. The Tallahassee handyman must have a solid grounding in a wide range of skills, and must have a thorough understanding of general construction codes. Inspection reports are not always the most legible, and the handyman specialist must be able to interpret exactly what is needed in order to bring the house up to par.

At this level of expertise, the handyman prices required are higher than basic property maintenance. However they are still subject to market pressure. Professional handyman services who do this type of work must still get the job done cheap, in order to satisfy both the buyer and the seller.

The reality today, however, is that fewer people are selling their homes. The employment scene is also very soft; not near as many people are moving due to getting a job out of state. And of course the speculative buying and selling of houses has dropped out the bottom as well (but has not disappeared completely, there are still very competent individuals out there 'fixing and flipping', but they are experts, and it is not a project to take on lightly.) What is happening is that most people are hanging on to their homes, and are addressing the ongoing maintenance tasks every house needs.

As the state capital of Florida, Tallahassee is a center for highly educated professionals, both is government and the legal profession. In such a community there are many fine homes that require the expertise of a seasoned craftsman. The level of clientele here expects the home repair service provided by the 'honey do handyman' to be of an exceptional quality. When a Tallahassee handyman is servicing this level of customer, he must be a multi-skilled craftsman who's work is consistently of the highest quality. The handyman rates earned at this level of work reflect the level of know-how and experience from years in the trades.

When a handy man has the determination to expand his skill set and knowledge on an ongoing basis, and operates as a professional in all aspects of his business, Tallahassee, Florida can provide a lifetime of work. A good Tallahassee handyman can get work through a handy man services company, or set out on his own. In either case, the potential is unlimited.

Wishing you a happy and healthy home,

Mike Wreggitt

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