Here are a few testimonials that clients of mine have been kind enough to write for me. They are from homeowners in Tallahassee, Memphis, and I've also included letters of recommendation I'd received for my work in Denver, Colorado.


"My wife and I are so glad we found Mike Wreggitt. We have called on
him twice now to repair some very ugly wood rot damage; the first time
on an area surrounding our dining room window, and recently on an
outside garage door. He also checked and adjusted our other outside
doors to ensure they were all closing and latching properly. Mike’s
attention to detail and superior craftsmanship stand him apart from
any other handyman we have ever known. We will no doubt call on him
again should we ever need any other work done around our home."

​Ken and Gail Howes            Tallahassee, Fl

"We received excellent handyman services from Mike. He was very reliable and timely. The services we requested varied from repair of custom cabinets, broken hinges, reinstallment, and painting. Mike has a wealth of valuable information regarding home care. His services are highly recommended for those needing home repairs but may not have the time or skill to complete it."

​Makala Burkhart            Tallahassee, Fl

“Mike came into our home to facilitate my husband, who recently had a stroke. I was extremely impressed with his skillful and professional approach to fulfill our needs. I have dealt with contractors over an 80 year period and Mike is the most proficient contractor I have ever met. It is my pleasure to recommend this young man into any home.”

Mary Bevis            Tallahassee, Fl

“We hired Mike to do several odd jobs at our home in Summerbrooke in August of 2015, including stabilizing our front entry doors, repairing a small leak in our roof, replacing an entry door to our garage, replacing a threshold, removing part of a granite counter top to accommodate a new slide-in stove, repairing a ladder to our attic, and multiple wood rot repairs. In every case we were pleased with the final product. He is very knowledgeable and means it when he states that he stands behind his work and guarantees satisfaction.”

Gary B.            Tallahassee, Fl

"Mike Wreggitt is a highly skilled handyman. His work performance is precise, competent, timely and implemented in a professional manner. I highly recommend him."

Dr. Toni Kirkwood-Tucker            Tallahassee, Fl

​"Mike Wreggitt did some work for us, specifically the installation of a tile backsplash in our kitchen. He met with us, made sure he understood exactly what we wanted, and then proceeded to provide the product we desired.

Mike frankly admitted that he didn’t do a lot of that kind of work, but felt sufficiently proficient to do so. We both felt like he would have opted out of the job if he wasn’t comfortable doing it. As it turned out, he underestimated the time needed to complete the job, but only charged us the “maximum” amount set forth in his contract. We were not satisfied with part of the finish work, so Mike came back and made it right with no additional charge. At the end, we were extremely pleased.

We asked Mike about doing some other work for us, because we were so pleased with what he had done in the kitchen. He didn’t feel comfortable with the project we had in mind, so he provided names of potential contractors who might better handle the job. That takes integrity.

It is our pleasure to recommend Mike (and I do so on a regular basis). He is honest, hard-working, skilled, and conscientious . . . not to mention an absolutely excellent artist! What a wonderful combination when you want someone to make your home look better."

Bruce & Candace McKibben           Tallahassee, Fl

"We were very fortunate to use The Tallahassee Handyman for our floor tile repairs. He brought ingenuity and innovation to minimize the cost of the repair job, he worked though the weekend to finish the job in a timely manner, and every step of the way he collaborated with us to get input on decisions and keep us informed. Remarkably, his final invoice price was significantly below his project cost estimate. We would highly recommend that you consider the services of The Tallahassee Handyman."

Bart & Carolyn Bibler             Tallahassee, Fl

“I was raised in the home of a builder, and grew up learning how to do odd jobs, including painting the interior of our home. As an adult I always did home repairs myself. As age became an issue, I decided to hire someone to paint the interior of my home, top to bottom, crown molding to ceilings. I looked online and located Mike Wreggitt, The Tallahassee Handyman, and this turned out to be a fortuitist discovery.

Mike came to my house, gave me an estimate, explained when he would be able to start, and completed the job as close to on time as possible. We had additions as the project progressed, and each time Mike agreed and completed the task. His personal care of our home and belongings was the best part of the entire project. Mike had access to our home while we were out of town and at work, and there was never an issue. I recommend Mike to anyone looking for quality workmanship from a man who can be trusted.”

Art Witters           Tallahassee, Fl

“Mike Wreggitt has done a number of repairs on our older home, and my wife and I are extremely satisfied with the quality of his work. He is a real craftsman who possesses a wide range of skills, and we plan to use him for future improvements on our house. I recommend him highly!”

Jim O.    Annette S.            Tallahassee, Fl

“We needed several repairs done on our home, and we are so pleased with the work that Mike did! His communication skills are excellent, and his craftsmanship is outstanding. Mike is very detail oriented - from the estimate all the way through to the finished project. He is honest, timely, and really takes a great deal of pride in his work. Mike has done a beautiful job, and we would not hesitate to call upon him again. We highly recommend him!”

John & Nacene Prchal             Tallahassee, Fl

"After talking to several carpenters and handymen I decided to hire Mike for the job since he seemed like the most forthright and reliable. Now that the work is done I know that to be the case. In spite of the wood rot being a larger project than he had anticipated, he didn't put it off for later and stuck to his original estimate as well. He's also a great guy and that always helps when you're going to be dealing with someone in your home for an extended time. In short, I would absolutely recommend him."

Lin M.           Tallahassee, Fl

“Mike repaired / rebuilt the wood window sash components for 2 windows in an historic house that is on the Historic Register. He did a great job with a difficult situation where nothing is plumb and the result had to match the other historic windows in the building. I am an Architect and I have worked with many trim carpenters and craftsmen. Mike ranks as one of the best that I have worked with. Not only is he skilled, but he is a good problem solver and thinks things through. I highly recommend him for home repairs and new construction.”

Craig Huffman, AIA Tallahassee, Fl

“Our experience with you was very positive because you brought in the expertise to inform us about our different options when we were trying to make a decision. You gave us more choices and ideas, rough estimates of costs, time needed to complete and what the final results would look like. The aspects that stood out were your craftsmanship and attention to detail.”

Steve and Mary Ann Flagg             Tallahassee, Fl

“I hired Mike to remove a pet door that was installed in the wall between my living room and screened porch. He was on time, clean, and well mannered with me and my friends. He did high quality work and was fair in calculating his time worked. I would be glad to hire him for another job.”

Diane D. Tallahassee, Fl

"I recommend The Tallahassee Handyman! On short notice, Mike was able to complete some projects prior to moving in to our new home. His work was very detailed, and he goes the extra mile for you. If you need a handyman, Mike is your Guy!"

Jay & Jenn H.             Tallahassee, Fl

“Mike did a great job on the work we needed on soffit wood rot and replacement of a porch support pole. He has done other repairs for us and his work is always meticulous and professional and his prices have always been fair. Mike is highly recommended for home repair.”

Diana Flagg              Tallahassee, Fl

“Great job, went above and beyond just doing the job. After bad encounters and being blown off by others Mike came over asap and did a great job at a great price and even fixed a few other things that needed to be done.”

Nate D.               Tallahassee, Fl

“Highly recommend Mike for home repair or home improvement. Easy to work with and very professional and knowledgable. Hired Mike to replace and repair about 125 feet of rotted exterior trim. It was not an easy job and the previous repair was poor craftsmanship and used wrong materials. Mike evaluated the area to be repaired and walked me through the problem and how to repair it. When Mike finished the job he blended old wood with new. I was pleased and impressed with the quality of work. In order to do that, you need skill and knowledge and understand the right materials to use. I have since then hired Mike to consultant and repair on other home improvement projects.”

Pierre F.            Tallahassee, Fl

“I recently hired Mike to fix some old wood rot damage that I discovered after removing a bathroom vanity cabinet. In addition to replacing wood and drywall in the bathroom, the job also required replacing rotted wood and installing a bit of new siding on the home's exterior. Mike took the time to talk me through the problem, explain the repair process, and made sure that I was happy with the end result. My experience with Mike was so great that before he left the house that day, we scheduled some other repair work. I was equally pleased with his work on the second job. He'll be back again, because my "fix-it" list still has things to be done. Thanks Mike!”

Lynn A.             Tallahassee, Fl

“Mike Wreggitt is a phenomenal and dependable worker. Mike has remodeled my bathroom, fixed an area in my home damaged by water and most recently Mike secured my back door and frame that was heavily damaged by a burglary. I have not presented Mike with a job that he cannot complete beyond my expectations as well as in a timely manner. Mike backs his work up with a 100% money back guarantee and he completes the job to your liking every time. I can't say enough about Mike. He has even come by on numerous occasions at the last minute when I had emergencies such as my closet collapsing. I highly recommend Mike for any of your handyman needs. He is my handyman for life.”

Robert & Shara B.             Tallahassee, Fl

“Your honestly stood out. You said you hadn’t done much wallpapering and that it might take you longer to do the job for that reason.

You did a beautiful job, which I continue to enjoy daily. Also, you kept me informed about how busy you were, and when you could get to my job.

I will certainly call you again if I need any other work done.”

Rosanne Gervasi             Tallahassee, Fl

"Mike did some wood rot and siding replacement work for me several years ago. He did a fantastic job, surpassed my expectations for the work done and he was a pleasure to work with.

I highly recommend Mike to anyone needing handyman work around their home or business"

Ray Moreau                Tallahassee, Fl

"We are pleased to write a testimonial for Mike Wreggitt's business, The Tallahassee Handyman, LLC. Mike worked on several home repair projects for us including drywall repair, painting, engineered hardwood floor repair, and kitchen cabinet work. We were very happy with his work. He is professional, and very skilled. If something is beyond his scope, he will let you know

Mike fixed a large portion of our engineered hardwood floor that was buckling in the middle of the living room. We could not get the flooring business that installed the floor to help us or attempt a repair. Mike fixed it in an afternoon for a very reasonable price and probably saved us thousands of dollars.

We would recommend Mike to anyone who needs help with home repairs and improvements."

Walt & Eleanor Cofer Tallahassee, Fl

"We bought a house that was sold ‘as-is’ which needed a substantial amount of work. We hired Mike to do a variety of tasks: repair and replacement of a vast amount of wood rot in various places, repair of window hinges, realignment of several sliding doors on trolleys to match up with locks, new light installations, various patching jobs, and repair of rolling cabinets. Mike did a great job at all of these tasks. He is very honest and straightforward in his estimating and billing, in what he is able (and licensed and insured) to do. He also stays in touch with you and lets you know in advance when work may be delayed due to weather or other issues. We highly recommend ‘The Tallahassee Handyman’ for any jobs you may need around your house!"

Heather Montanye & Bucky McMahon             Tallahassee, Fl


“We used Mike a few years ago to do a lot of work on our house in Memphis. We moved out of state and put our house up for rent. We were under a big time pressure and neither me nor my husband know anything about renovations. We gave him our budget and basically gave him carte blanche to do the work. He re-did the kitchen, polished wooden floors, fixed up bathrooms, and several other odds and ends. He did excellent work, and was extremely honest and careful with our money. He is also a very pleasant guy. I recommend him highly!”

Jessica G.          East Memphis, Tn

"I have been very satisfied with the quality of Mike's work and have found him to be honest and straightforward in his business dealings."

Sue Culver            Germantown, TN

"Mike did wood rot repair around our whole house. The job he did was exceptional. His attention to detail was outstanding. When we have another project, whether inside or out, Mike will be the one I call. As a real estate agent I recommend him to all my clients."

Doug and Wanda Dyas            Germantown, TN

"Dear Mike, just a note to thank you for the fine work you did on our home repairs. We were impressed with your meticulous attention to details. You were efficient and neat. We hope you will be available for future work next spring."

Harold and Margaret Friedman             Germantown, TN

“Outstanding Professional Work – I found Mike on the internet just looking for a handyman to install my dishwasher for me. He was very efficient and professional. I liked him so much I had him back out several times for jobs as small as changing out light fixtures all the way to putting down entry ways and quarter round on my den floors. He is very trustworthy and I hated to see him move. Tallahasseeans, if you are looking for a trustworthy handyman, Mike is your guy.”

Evan D.             Germantown, Tn

"I got lucky to find Mike to work on our home in Germantown. He was fast, dependable, and professional. I felt very comfortable with him working around my home, and it was obvious he was a perfectionist with his work."

Sarah Sullivan             Germantown, TN

“FIRST CLASS WORK! – Mike replaced my carport and front porch support posts on my house, He drew an itemized estimate up for me and completed the job flawlessly, He gave me great advice and listened to my concerns with patience concerning the job my father also had Mike replace fascia boarding on the back of their house.
If you want the job done right and at a great price, Mike is the man for you. You will regret hiring anyone else! As I see it Mike has only made one mistake ... he moved to Tallahassee from Memphis! I lost my home improvement master!”

Rodney E.            East Memphis, Tn

"Mike did good work and was reliable. It wasn't the fanciest job in the world and he made sure I wasn't paying for anything I didn't need or want. It was a perfect fit for me!"

Michael McKenna            East Memphis, TN

"Finding a handyman in today's world is difficult at best. I needed several 'odds and ends' jobs done around my house. After checking Mike's references, which on a scale of 1 to 10 were a 10, I found that he is professional, on-time, neat, and very competent. I definitely would recommend him. Thanks again, Mike."

Marie Bross             East Memphis, TN

"Our first association with Mike Wreggitt, was extremely satisfactory. His work was thorough and professional. He cleaned up after the job and completed the work quickly but not hurried. As a result of this experience we employed him on two other projects and found him to be as effective. He did not overstate what he could do and gave us a fair and reasonable price for the jobs in question. We would not hesitate to use him as our needs require and heartily recommend him."

Peter and Virginia Schoenster             Germantown, TN

"Mike did a great job! He put up with me adding to the original list and fixed things in a reasonable time and cost. He also brought to my attention simple fixes that I hadn't thought of doing."

Mike Webb             Germantown, TN

"Mike is very professional and always punctual. He provided a free fair estimate and completed all of the work on schedule within the range of his estimate. Quality work at a reasonable price."

Dwight Quarles             East Memphis, TN

“When we bought an older house in Germantown, it required several big and small updates. Mike was a one-stop shop! Not only did he build out a beautiful walk-in master closet, but he also quickly and professionally carried out a laundry list of small home improvements, including installing a dog door, mounting a television above the fireplace, building an additional kitchen cabinet and the list continues. Mike was honest, professional, friendly and performed exceptional, high-quality work. We know who to call if we need any help around the house - Mike can do anything! A+++”

Marilyn Fontana           Germantown, TN

"Mike Wreggitt has completed remodeling and repair work at my home. He has a wide range of skills and makes a complete analysis of each problem. Mike is only interested in doing the best job possible, and I am totally satisfied with his innovative and thorough work."

Vaughn & Betty Stimbert              East Memphis, TN

"This is the second time Mike has done work for us in our home. He is a true craftsman, and he cares about what you want- he wants to do the best job that can be done. He is trustworthy and timely with his bids, and gives written estimates that he stands behind. When he finishes a job you know that it is done right and you don't have to call him back to redo everything. We will definitely have him back for future projects. Actually, he becomes a friend, as well as being a craftsman."

Denny & Judy Denman             East Memphis, TN

“The Best Professional Home Repair! – I highly recommend having Mike Wreggitt as your Tallahassee Handyman. We had a few repairs on our home as we were putting our home on the market to sell. Mike did an excellent job on repairing our sheet rock in the pantry, fixing our garage door to make it more stable and sturdy, and fixing our back door so water wouldn't leak in. He is so detailed and works to perfection! Not only did we have him work on our home, but also my grandmother's house. She needed a rail for her stairs to be put in at her back door of her home. Mike was able to build an iron rail and attach it to her house. She absolutely loves it! Mike did such an exceptional job once again.”

John & Becky Thomas             Germantown, Tn

"Without reservation, I would highly recommend Mike Wreggitt for any indoor or outdoor home repairs you may consider having completed.

Mike Wreggitt draws upon many years of professional experience and takes pride in the work he does. Both of these traits fit the man and his work well, as he is efficient, and remains the consummate professional. His work will meet the exacting standards of even the perfectionists among us!

Mr. Wreggitt is a pleasure to do business with because he takes the time to first fully inspect the proposed work to be done, provides suggestions at the onset to ensure the homeowner can weigh all options, then quickly delivers an itemized written bid for all segments of the work to be completed. These bids are very detailed and include the fair and realistic estimate for the work to be done as well a “cap estimate” which will never be exceeded. His work is then tracked in quarter hour increments for each job he completes.

Further, he guarantees all work and really strives to make certain the homeowner is happy with the work.

Prompt and meticulous service is the hallmark of his business. He carefully schedules all work with the home owner, and arrives to complete the work on time and with a positive attitude. Regardless of the size of project, he ensures the details of the job at hand are handled expeditiously and with precision.

Fellow homeowners, contracting home improvement project work must be undertaken with great care and forethought. If you seek excellent results and prompt, professional service to satisfy your home improvement project needs, Mike Wreggitt is an exceptional choice!'

Matthew B.             Collierville, TN

"My wife and I have an old, three-story home that needed extensive and detailed wood-work. We put out multiple requests for proposals to people who had been recommended to us by friends. Mike Wreggitt's proposal was by far the most detailed and thoughtful of the bunch, so we selected him. Thereafter, for five months, Mike had daily access to the inside and outside of our house, with our complete trust (he even managed to keep our cat and dog from escaping, which we often have trouble with.) Mike's work- indeed, craftsmanship- was as superb as his work ethic; he would show up in 100+ degree heat for a full day's work outside for weeks!

Toward the end of the project, it became clear that our project was even larger than anyone originally thought (something impossible to know in advance with certainty on a project like ours.) We were particularly impressed that Mike finished the work in the completely professional manner consistent with the cap in his proposal, even though the time required to do the work significantly exceeded everyone's expectations.

We recommended Mike to a good friend of ours, who is as sad about Mike's departure from Memphis as we are. We have dealt with dozens of contractors and handymen, and none have ever been as professional or reliable. He has our most enthusiastic recommendation"

Clint & JJ H.             Mid-town Memphis, TN

“Don't use anyone else - Mike is the best – My husband and I both highly recommend Mike Wreggitt for any home repair or home improvement! Mike first worked on our house when we had water damage to a wall - he fixed it so well you couldn't tell there had ever been any damage (including matching the texture of the original surrounding plaster wall and blending in the paint). We then had a home improvement project in mind - expanding two closets while wanting architectural details re-created so the update would blend in with the style of the rest of the house. Mike did a truly fantastic job. His work is high quality, he takes the time to do it right, and he's honest and professional and trustworthy. So trustworthy, in fact, that he finished the closet in the master bedroom while we were away on vacation. We gave him the keys to our house, our back-up alarm code, and simply came home to the finished project. We could truly not have been more pleased with the outcome. We were quite sad to see Mike leave Tennessee, but Tallahassee is lucky to have him now!”

Wendy Kleinman             East Memphis, Tn

"Highly recommended! Mike is skilled, punctual, reasonably priced, easy to work with and quick to respond. We are very pleased with the work he did on the install of our irregularly shaped shed door with rotted door jam. All is working and free of rot and it was a pleasant experience all around. We absolutely recommend Mike to everyone and will be calling on him again."

Andy & Corina B.             East Memphis, TN


George Pales Letter of Recommendation