Tasks I do

My "niche" is micro to medium-sized repairs. I turn down far more larger jobs than I do small repairs. Repair work and small jobs are what I enjoy. While remodeling work is very rewarding in itself, there can be many variables that cause a project to spiral out of control. Just not my thing anymore.

Here is a partial list of tasks that I can to give you an estimate on:

• Drywall repairs, including matching textures and plaster
• Interior painting and touch up
• Interior trim carpentry work, such as installing doors, closet shelves, cabinetry installation, crown molding, etc., etc.
• Some hardwood flooring repairs (Sorry, I'm not equipped to handle sanding and finishing work, beyond minor repairs)
• Tile repairs and installation
• Exterior trim repairs and installation, including wood rot repairs.
• Various and sundry repairs and improvements, including light electrical and plumbing repairs, just ask!

Can I do everything? No, some things I don't know how to do, such as carpet installation and repairs, or major concrete work. Also, my liability insurance does not cover any possible damage while working on a roof. This would include 2nd story wood rot repairs to windows and gables, I'm sorry to say. As a result I don't do any repairs that would involve climbing up on a roof.

And frankly, some things are just not cost effective to hire me for, such as "heavy lifting carpentry", like deck or fence repairs (unless they're 'tricky', then yep, I'm your man.)