Handyman pics

This was an older house with the shower tile set on a mortar bed. The faucet finally gave out and needed to be replaced. There was no access from the wall behind so the tile surrounding the faucet had to be hammered out. Here is the tile repair after the faucet was replaced.

The faucet is replaced, and the edge of the mortar bed cleaned up.

The tile is set and I'm using masking tape to keep everything lined up.

I've installed a plywood backer with blocking to secure it to the surrounding mortar.

And the finished job.

Next is hardiboard as the base for the tile.

This project involved bad wood rot on three of four front porch columns, though all four got cleaned up, re-caulked & painted. The pictures here show the repair process on two of them.

Pretty bad!

Wood rot sawn out.

Support rings installed.

The insides must be sealed thoroughly.

This is one of the other pillars. More rot.

In progress...

Filler pieces installed and ready to be contoured.

Contoured, filled, sanded, sealed and primed.

The finished product!

Here's an assortment of repairs I've completed.

The old door off it's hinges.

I designed and built this new custom door

with half-moon peep hole

Slate tile entry way, needed some work.

All loose tiles re-set and grouted.

Simple gutter cleaning...

And gutter screens installed.

Wood rot to bottom of pilaster.


This stair case bounced a little too much....

I installed this support post and stained it

to match the existing wood work.

This was a pretty extensive wood rot repair to a double window with all-wood framing.

All the rotted wood has been removed

and chiseled out.

A closer look...

Repair completed, caulked, primed and painted.

And the finished job.

Finishing a new solid wood door.

The original door, starting to rot, warped,

wouldn't close right.

The new door, sanded, prepped and ready for stain.

Stained and first coat of finish drying.

Job completed!

Tile backsplash


A wide view of the finished product.

Note the trim detail to the right.

A closer look at the window.

A broken toilet flange had caused some pretty bad damage to the sheetrock.

Water damaged sheet rock removed

and new flange installed.

New sheet rock installed and mudded.

Ready to re-install the toilet.

Toilet installed and siliconed to tile floor.