Bathroom Remodeling- Does the Schedule Work?

If you are considering a bathroom remodel, you may or may not have considered how long you can do without your bathroom.

In a larger house with a number of bathrooms this obviously doesn't have any bearing.

What if you have only two and a half bathrooms? Or just Two? Then it becomes more of an issue.

Here's another consideration. Do you have young children? Or teenagers? Starts to become even more of an issue.

It's not my niche anymore, but when I was doing bathroom remodels in Colorado, I went to take a look at job where the hall bathroom was being remodeled to make it more handicap-accessible (than it already was.) In that case, the bathroom had to be up and running very quickly. As I did all the work myself (and still do), I knew I wasn't the man for the job. It would take me far longer than a contractor with a steady line-up of sub-contractors who could come in quickly and have the project done (ideally) very quickly.

I let the homeowners know, and went on my way.

When you are choosing a contractor to do a mid-size project, like a bathroom remodel, how quickly they get the job done is subject to their subcontractors. This in fact is the major factor in a successful contracting business. How well a contractor manages his list of go-to subs.

Does he have working relationships with a reliable plumber, electrician, carpenter, drywaller, and painter? Poor subs can drive a contractor out of business (as many failed contractors can attest to.)

For the homeowner the downside of this is that their bathroom remodel project can be delayed for days, weeks, or even months.
How painful would that be with a houseful of kids...or teenagers...and being minus one bathroom?

When you are choosing a contractor, one of the questions to ask of their previous customers (You did get a list of their previous customers, didn't you?) is how were the subcontractors they brought in? Were the subs reliable? Friendly? On time? And most important, did they get their aspect of the project successfully completed in a timely manner?

The key word there is "successfully". Nothing will delay a job more than a call-back or two from the plumber or electrician, to meet a permit inspection.

When you get the list of references from your potential contractors (Did i mention you should always get references?), make sure it includes customers who had the same type of project completed as you are contemplating.

And when you call ALL of these references, ask about how quickly the project was completed. This will give you great insight into the quality of subcontractor your potential contractor is using, and his (or her) overall skill in handling this crucial aspect of his business.

Wishing you a happy and healthy home,

Mike Wreggitt

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