About me

Dear Friend,

My name is Mike Wreggitt, I'm a craftsman and handyman.

If you've ever had a bitterly disappointing experience with a contractor or handyman, then read on...

Why should you believe me?

I've been working in construction and remodeling for over 33 years, most of that time as a self-employed sub-contractor and business owner.

So what?... many guys have.

Good point...Let me tell you a little about my experience.

I started out my adult life working with my Dad. He was a master builder in a broad range of fields. His experience was wide and deep. Among HIS accomplishments were:

  • Field superintendent for major construction projects such as The DEW line (Distant Early Warning radar sites) in the high Arctic. He definitely had some wild stories about that experience!
  • Field superintendent for major mine and mill sites which processed tens of thousands of tons of ore per day, in which he was responsible for building the mills, entire town sites, railway lines, etc., etc.
  • Builder of multi-million dollar custom homes, and pioneering work in pre-fab housing during the building boom after WW II.

In 12 years I gained a lot of experience and a solid knowledge base working with the ol' man, but I think mainly I gained a strong appreciation for precision craftsmanship. From there I worked in the hardwood flooring trade, and became an expert sander and finisher. I was a "trouble shooter" for years, and would always get the "tough jobs" that no one else could fix.

From there I expanded to cabinetry and kitchen installation, including full kitchen and bathroom remodels. I became proficient in drywall, textures, painting, plumbing and electric.

Through out all of this I always did the work myself.

Oh, I've had "helpers" a time or two. But I was never happy with constantly having to go back and fix someone else's work. This limits the size of the jobs I'll take on, but I always make sure that the job is done the way I would want it done for me.

Here's what this means to you:

1) You always know who is in your house.

• As I do all the work myself, I'm not going to hire the first flunky I can find to cover all the work I'm trying to drum up, drop them off at your house, hope for the best and head for the next job!

2) You can always expect the same, consistent quality of work.

• There's no "Well, this looks pretty good.... but what happened over here?!!"

3) You can always ask questions, get answers, give suggestions, and feel "In the know".

• You won't have to talk to a young kid right out of high school, or a surly guy who can't wait to put in his 8 hours and bolt!

4) You won't have to wonder if you'll need to hire someone else to come in later when I'm done.

• If it's a tricky, recurring problem like wood rot, I'll find the source of the problem, explain it to you clearly, and fix it for good!

Tasks that I can give an estimate on:

My "niche" is micro to medium-sized repairs. I turn down far more larger jobs than I do small repairs. Repair work and small jobs are what I enjoy. While remodeling work is very rewarding in itself, there can be many  variables that cause a project to spiral out of control. Just not my thing anymore.

Here is a partial list of tasks that I can to give you an estimate on:

• Drywall repairs, including matching textures and plaster
• Interior painting and touch up
• Interior trim carpentry work, such as installing doors, closet shelves, cabinetry installation, crown      molding, etc., etc.
• Some hardwood flooring repairs (Sorry, I'm not equipped to handle sanding and finishing work, beyond minor repairs)
• Tile repairs and installation
• Exterior trim repairs and installation, including wood rot repairs.
• Various and sundry repairs and improvements, including light electrical and plumbing repairs, just ask!                                                                                         

Can I do everything? No, some things I don't know how to do, such as carpet installation and repairs, or major concrete work. And frankly, some things are just not cost effective to hire me for, such as "heavy lifting carpentry", like deck or fence repairs (unless they're 'tricky', then yep, I'm your man.)

100% Satisfaction No-Questions-Asked Money-Back


I'm confident I can complete your project to your full satisfaction. If I take on a project and do not live up to your expectation, that should be my responsibility, not yours. I'm so confident that I include in every proposal I write a 100% satisfaction, iron-clad, money-back guarantee.

If, by the time I'm done with your project, you are not 100% happy and satisfied with the quality of my work, I will refund you any and all payments you've made to me up to that point, and walk away, no questions asked.

Even if at any point while I'm on the job you become unhappy with me or my work, and wish me to leave, again, I'll pay you back all advances up to that point and walk away, no questions asked.

I enjoy my work, and I enjoy meeting the people I work for who invite me into their homes, I make a dedicated effort to never give anyone reason to have to rely on a guarantee like this, and 99% of the people I've worked for wouldn't think about taking unfair advantage of this guarantee.

However, there's always a bad apple somewhere in the mix, so I reserve the right to withdraw any proposal I write, up to the point of us putting our signatures on the paper. I believe most people would consider this more than fair. So ask the next handyman you talk to if they're willing to offer a guarantee like this!

(I do reserve one possible situation from this guarantee. That is I won't guarantee my work due to existing jobsite conditions that I'm not tasked with repairing, particularly the work of prior handymen.

Let me give you an example. I get called in to repair a tile vanity countertop from a previous remodeling fiasco. I apply blue tape to the walls to run a clean bead of caulk to the top of the back splash. However the previous remodeler had not wiped off the dust from the sheetrock work before painting. I pull the tape off and the paint comes off with it. ​I can repair it, but I can't be held accountable for someone else's bad work.)

Why should you choose me?

Well, I'd say what stands me apart, aside from my experience, is my dogged tenacity to get the job done right! I can't STAND sloppy work! Or a half-finished job. I work fast, but also ensure that it's done RIGHT.

I carry a total of $600,000 in general Liability Insurance through Marks Insurance- 850-668-6162. I am licensed to do business through the City of Tallahassee.

What you get when you call now

I have a relaxed, no-pressure approach. I will explain exactly what I see needs to be handled and how, and explain clearly what my estimated price will be. Also I will provide a list of homeowners I've done work for who you are free to contact to make sure that I do "walk the walk". In fact, I hope to add you to my list of references!

Mike Wreggitt