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Finding a quality Tallahassee handyman

Locating a quality home repair service can be a very difficult task. Far too many homeowners have had traumatic experiences in trying to find a handy man in Tallahassee. Too often no one will return a phone call, many will skip appointments without the courtesy of calling, and sometimes a Tallahassee home repair remodelling company will overcharge if there’s the hint of possibility they can get away with it.

Here’s a few tips that will help in locating the handy man business in Tallahassee that is right for you.

One) Before you start calling anyone, know exactly what you want done.

Have a notepad and pen close by and jot down all the home repairs that come to mind over the course of a couple of weeks.

Take your time with this, it always seems like something will slip your mind, then come up at the last minute. This is fine, and most professional home repair companies will be happy to add whatever additional tasks to the list of projects you’re having them do. But the additional charges may be a shock to your system when all the little extras are added up at the end of the job.

It’s better to know up front what the cost will be for everything you want done.

Also when you do start talking to someone from the handyman service you've located in Tallahassee, if you have a comprehensive list of home repairs you need done then they can give you an idea if there are any tasks at all they are not comfortable taking on. Not every home repairs service in Tallahassee can handle every possible in home repair that can come up, again it is better for you to know up front what they can and can’t do.

Two) Start putting together your list of prospective handymen.

The quickest way to start is looking in the yellow pages, classified ads, such as in the Tallahassee Democrat, or searching online. Keep in mind that “fastest” will not necessarily give you the “best”. It may be hard to find the best possible candidate for your in home repairs as a handy man worth his salt a lot of times won’t have to advertise- word of mouth may give him more work than he can keep up with.

As well, as a small businessman, they may not have the time or the expertise to advertise effectively, and you may just have to “luck out” that you hear about them from a friend or neighbor.

So, where do you locate these “diamonds in the rough?” Most often you have to ask. Start with your neighbors, ask around with co-workers, try your neighborhood association. Check with local shops, who may have hired a handy services company. You may have relatives who’ve found, in their opinion, the best handyman around, who they’re happy to refer.

Insider tip: No matter which handy man company you talk to, check their references thoroughly. If they are one of these “hidden treasures” they will have a long list of homeowners who are very happy to talk to you about them and their work.


Three) Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you want before you invite them over to work up an estimate.

Here’s a few things to find out:

"How do you price your work, by the hour or by the job?"

"Do you charge for estimates? If so, is the charge discounted if the estimate is accepted?"

"Is there a minimum charge for smaller home repairs?"

"Can they provide a list of references?"

Four) Whenever practical, get at least three bids for your handy man repairs.

Keep in mind it is usually a false economy to take the lowest bid- you will probably be getting what you pay for. The safest bet is normally the middle bid, all factors being equal.

Five) Get all estimates in writing.

Look it over carefully, make sure it includes all the details you’ve discussed, such as price of labor, materials, estimated completion date, etc.

Keep in mind a careless or sloppy estimate is likely to reflect careless or sloppy work.

Six) DO NOT pay in full until the job is completed.

Any competent handyman doing work in Tallahassee Florida homes will require a partial payment upon acceptance of his estimate, and with larger home repairs and remodelling there will likely be additional payments throughout the course of the work. However, all payments made while the job is in progress should be made ONLY if you are happy with the work up to that point, and don’t make any final payments until the work is completed and you are happy with it.

This is particularly important if your handyman starts in with a sob-story about needing to pay bills, pay a subcontractor from a previous job, etc.

Home maintenance is an investment. Take your time and apply the necessary due diligence that you would for any major investment. Good luck and have fun as well!